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Get Improved Stability, Comfort with Pelvic Positioners

Two words that everyone can relate to are convenience and comfort. It was with these considerations in mind that Body Tech NW developed the Embrace Pelvic Positioner. Originally designed with children and teens to provide enhanced pelvic stability while seated in a wheelchair, these devices allow for greater upper body control in severely handicapped individuals. Now available for adults, as well, don’t strap in your clients – “Embrace” them.

Embrace Pelvic PositionerTraditional lap belts offer little in the form of versatility and comfort when it comes to positioning devices for individuals in wheelchairs. With low stability and convenience, there are better devices that exist for positioning that offer improved stability and supreme comfort.

Eliminate the need for lap belts or the more traditional sub-A.S.I.S. bar with an Embrace Pelvic Positioner, a dynamic, swing-away pelvic control device offering superior pelvic control. This positioner connects easily to most wheelchair designs and can be simply adjusted to accommodate even the most challenging positioning needs, making it the most convenient form of positioning device on the market.

Pelvic positioners include many features and benefits that allow the devices to offer unparalleled pelvic stability along with maximum freedom of motion. Floating elliptical pads conform to body contours and apply appropriate control pressure with comfort. Firm, high-density foam provides a comfortable, localized contact surface for anterior pelvic control.

The Embrace Pelvic Positioner also includes six-way adjustable hardware that provides a convenient way to pinpoint pelvic support. A swing-away feature allows the pelvic positioners to easily slide out of the way, providing access for transfers, while the simple hardware of the pelvic positioner adapts to a variety of modular and custom seating products. In addition, the product’s pressure lock system prevents unintentional release of the support pads while they are in use. The Lycra sock protects pads against spills and can be removed for cleaning.

Embrace Pelvic Positioners are available in both adult and pediatric sizes, but as they are designed as positioning devices, Embrace Pelvic Positioners do not qualify as automotive restraints.

Embrace Pelvic Positioners are the future of comfortable, convenient positioning devices. Buy yours today from Body Tech NW! To learn more or to place your order, check out the Embrace Pelvic Positioners online now or give us a call at 866-315-0640.