Pelvic Positioners

BT 5000 Embrace Pelvic Positioners*


img_embrace_fullEmbrace pelvic positioner™
A dynamic, swing-away pelvic control device which offers superior pelvic control. When added to a wheelchair, Embrace eliminates the need for lap belts or the more traditional sub-A.S.I.S. bar. It mounts easily on most wheelchair seats and can be readily adjusted to meet the most challenging positioning needs. Embrace offers unparalleled pelvic stability while allowing maximum freedom of motion.

Features and benefits include:

  • “Floating” elliptical pads conform to body contours and apply appropriate control pressure with comfort
  • Firm, high-density foam provides a comfortable, localized contact surface for anterior pelvic control
  • Six-way adjustable hardware provides a convenient way to pinpoint pelvic support Wheelchair Pelvic Stabilizer Positioning Accessories
  • Swing-away feature provides unhindered access for transfers
  • Pressure lock system prevents unintentional release of support pads under load
  • Simple hardware adapts to a variety of modular and custom seating products
  • Lycra™ sock protects pads against spills and can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Available in Adult and Pediatric sizes

Please note that the Embrace Pelvic Positioners are designed as positioning devices and do not qualify as automotive restraints.

*Body Tech MW is the exclusive manufacturer of the Embrace Pelivc Positioner™ (Patent No. 6,378,947)