Improve Chair Comfort with a New Adjustable Headrest

With wheelchairs, comfort and safety is key. Thankfully, there are many options available to accessorize your wheelchair to meet your needs. Body Tech NW is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing wheelchair accessories that improve positioning and comfort in seating. Add a greater degree of control and comfort to any chair with a wheelchair headrest from Body Tech NW.

Wheelchair HeadrestCrucial for those with weak neck muscles, our wheelchair headrests can be easily adjusted for optimal positioning. Each unit can be manipulated simply to accommodate the desired height, for, aft, angles and tilt. Proper body positioning is important to help you function throughout the day and to prevent any stress or strain on the neck.

Our headrest brackets are created to accommodate changes or inconsistencies in body positioning easily, and ensure that you or your wheelchair occupant can stay alert and aware. Plus, the mounting plate has a quick-release lever, meaning that if you don’t need the headrest or need to remove it to fit the chair into a vehicle, making changes on the fly a snap. The headrest bracket (only) can also accept many different headrest pad styles – not just the ones offered by Body Tech, but also some of the most popular universal headrest pad styles available.

Each choice of headrest includes a plush or lower profile pad of your choice and a base for lateral adjustment. Separate link options are also available to individually configure the headrest to meet changing needs or accommodate the most challenging client. The Body Track base on each is also available in several different sizes, which helps allow for additional lateral adjustment.

According to Quest, a headrest can promote correct posture, prevent deformities, help your breathing and help you maintain a correct visual field while driving your wheelchair.

Body Tech created these various headrest options to help keep your head and neck comfortable while reducing strain – something that can become quickly tiring each day. All of Body Tech’s wheelchair accessories have been carefully designed for maximum mobility and comfort to aid each user’s unique needs. Plus, all of our accessories are designed to easily attach to both standard and power wheelchairs, making it simple and affordable to upgrade your existing wheelchair with new features and positioning devices.

Dedicated to providing innovative products to wheelchair users, Body Tech’s mission is to provide the highest standards of excellence in products and customer service while maintaining affordable prices. To learn more about our adjustable wheelchair headrests or any of our other wheelchair accessories, call us today at 866-315-0640.

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