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Knee Adductors Help Maintain Comfortable Leg Placement

BT 2500 Knee Adductor

At Body Tech NW, our goal is to make wheelchairs more comfortable and accommodating, built with the occupant?s particular body and preferences in mind. A wheelchair by itself is a great tool for those who need it, but without the proper accessories, you may find yourself lacking in comfort and safety. The designers at Body Tech NW are here to help. We offer an extensive collection of accessories that are highly regarded in our industry, and the BT 2500 Knee Adductor is one of these remarkable products.

In general, knee abductors are used to allow the user to personalize the adjustment of their knees through controlled support, in turn, improving stability.

The design is simple. These abductors easily mount to the footrest hangers to offer positioning stability. They also were designed with transfers in mind, and easily swing away to make getting in and out of the chair easier. Because the abductors provide a broad range of adjustment room, the user can position the pad exactly where they need it to provide the most support.

Whether your chair contains straight or curved tubing, our abductors are designed to work with either construction ? so long as tubing is 1.5 inches in diameter or smaller ? without requiring additional expensive parts or installation hardware.

Our standard pad is 3.25 inches around and uses professional-quality SunMate foam beneath a durable Dartex material. If the build doesn?t speak for itself, our prices absolutely will. At less than $100, our knee abductor is one of the most cost-friendly solutions in the market. This way you can sit comfortably without lightening your wallet.

In the end, our BT 2500 Knee Adductor is one of the more versatile and affordable models on the market, and we know that you will agree. To purchase this fantastic product or to learn more about the BT 2500 or any of our other stellar offerings, visit our products page or call us at 866-315-0640 today.