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Get a Better Look with Our Rear View Mirror

Get a Better Look with Our Rear View Mirror

One of the biggest complications for someone who uses a wheelchair can be the limited range of visibility, especially for seeing people or objects behind them. This can be very challenging for a person and also give them a sense of uneasiness because they never know what may be behind them. Fortunately, the rear view mirror from Body Tech NW can improve visibility and provide additional visual coverage.

Rear View MirrorOur rear view mirror offers those in wheelchairs 160 degrees of view with a wide-angle mirror, allowing them to see what is behind them at any time. This allows the occupant to be at ease and will essentially give them eyes in the back of their head.

The rear view mirror is also useful for maintaining comfort during the patient-caregiver exchange, as the practitioner and occupant can maintain eye contact with the mirror, helping to keep everyone calm and at ease. This also comes in handy for walks, as they can keep eye contact and have a more robust conversation – almost like talking face to face. The mirror also is good if traveling alone, and can help the occupant quickly see if there are objects or individuals behind them if backing up to turnaround or navigate through a hallway, aisle or other space.

Not all wheelchairs have the same construction, which is why we’ve also created this mirror to have an adjustable connection. The mirror quickly and easily attaches to any wheelchair with tubing ranging from 3/4 inch to 1.5 inches, meaning it can fit to nearly any chair. It also works well with both standard and powered wheelchairs, and can be mounted on curved or straight tubing, depending on your needs. Plus, with the optional quick release lever, the mirror can be removed fast, making passing through doorways quick and easy.

Body Tech NW not only offers wheelchair rear view mirrors, but also a full range of other wheelchair accessories, including headrests, belts and lateral supports. If you would like more information on the rear view mirror of any of our other great products, feel free to call us today at 866-315-0640!

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