Wheelchair Accessories

Welcome to Body Tech NW, where we help people in need ride comfortably and safely. We are the industry leader in designing and manufacturing wheelchair accessories that meet the wide variety of needs that wheelchair users have. Our accessories are:

  • Designed to properly position you for maximum mobility and comfort. Having your head, core, pelvic and knees positioned properly are very important for wheelchair users with special needs.
  • Meet your exact needs, while never having to upgrade your existing wheelchair.
  • Body Tech accessories can be attached to standard or power wheelchairs.

When it comes to safety, mobility and upper body control no one stresses it more than Body Tech NW.

  • Our line of pelvic positioners and wheelchair belts are tested and designed to ensure that you or your client stays in position at all times. Having your core properly secured in your wheelchair can ensure safety and maximum mobility along with adding comfort.
  • Our wheelchair headrests allow for optimal positioning of height along with the proper lateral positioning. Designed for ultimate comfort while giving our clients the correct angle to be alert and aware.
  • Body Tech’s unique Knee Positioners adds additional comfort to your positioning with a wide range of placement and adjustment.
  • The innovative rear view mirror is the leading mirror in the industry. It has been specifically designed for the wheelchair user for safety and rear visibility in mind. Our products are simply the best!
  • The swing-away lateral support system and knee adductors offers overall superior lateral truck support

Thank you for visiting our website. We are dedicated to providing innovative products to clients that have no choice but to be limited to a wheelchair. All of our products are sure to maximize comfort and safety. Call today and learn more about our Innovative Line of Wheelchair accessories. We look forward to hearing from you.